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Laserwash 4000RazorWash

Save $3.00 on a carwash with 30L of fuel.

Luxury Wash $17.99 - Rain-x water repelling treatment, triple rear soap & rinse, extra high pressure rinse, plus all of full wash

Full Wash $16.99 - Clear coat protection, tri-foam, plus all of multi wash.

Multi Wash $14.99 - Clear coat protection, rust inhibitor, undercarwash, tri-foam, hot pre-soak, wheel wash, high pressure rocker panel wash, dry





Clearance – 30 cm (12") on front, back & sides. Bend in mirrors & remove trailer hitches if necessary.

Trucks – clean box of garbage & light articles

  1. When arrows are flashing or keypad is beeping, enter your 5 digit code at bottom of receipt
  2. When sign flashes enter, drive into the carwash, the front drivers tire must go in the v shaped guide on floor.
  3. Signal lights will tell you to drive forward, back up & stop. Once stopped, put vehicle in park. Do not get out of your vehicle during the wash, damage or injury may result.
  4. When the wash is finished, the signal lights will tell you to drive forward & exit the carwash. The dryer will stay on for 90 seconds; a timer on your right will tell you how much time you have left. Do not back up, damage or injury may result.